The Birds and the Bees - Making a Buzz in the Egg World

We are so proud of our very special The Birds And The Bees range of environment-friendly eggs that are proving highly popular with humans and bees alike! At Country Lane Foods, we are passionate about animal welfare just as much as the taste and quality of our produce. With our The Birds And The Bees range of eggs, we are helping the dangerously dwindling British bumblebee populations by ensuring our farms are working in harmony with their hens’ environment by creating natural outdoor ecosystems for the bees to flourish.

In the UK alone, around 70 crops depend on or benefit from bee pollination. The UK’s bees are in severe decline, with habitat loss, pollution and climate change pushing them towards the edge.  At Country Lane Foods, we believe there is a better way to farm and get back to nature.

The Birds and Bees Connection

  • Bees are essential pollinators, crucial for the reproduction of plants.
  • Their mission is clear: to ensure the flourishing of life.
  • Through pollination, they transfer precious pollen between flowers.
  • The absence of these hard-working pollinators would challenge the reproduction of countless plant species.
  • This decline in plant reproduction could result in a food shortage for many.

Buzzing Towards a Brighter Future

  • The interactions between bees in the natural world are intricate.
  • This relationship emphasises the importance of nurturing a balanced ecosystem.
  • Join us in celebrating the remarkable world of bees.
  • Each bee plays a pivotal role in the symphony of life.
  • Together, they ensure the health and vitality of our shared environment.

Not just Eggs!

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