Where Goodness is Egg Shaped!

Welcome to Country Lane Foods, our long-standing, successful family business with a passion for all things egg-related. For over 30 years, we’ve proudly worked with farmers and customers UK-wide. For us, quality products packed with care by our fantastic staff every day at our packing facility is paramount to our success. With happy hens and happy staff at the heart of everything we do and a packing facility of over 45,000 square feet, means we pack 1.5 million eggs per week and rising!

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

At Country Lane Foods, we believe the chicken always comes first…followed by the egg and of course; our amazing people! After all; with the very best hens and people, come the very best eggs. We care about our:

Customers • Employees • Chickens • Products • Environment

Colony Eggs

Free Range

Egg Products

Speciality Eggs

Not just Eggs!

In our fabulously stocked farm shop we also have an amazing array of locally made produce

Chutneys • Jams • Marmalades & Curds • Pickles • Vinegars